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 What is SMART INDIA??

  The Concept

               SMART India stands for Systematic Management Approach to Retail Trade in India.

         The idea was nurtured during the long sales & marketing experience in different parts of Gujarat with various product categories of leading brands of India. During the period we have observed that there is a huge potential in the retail trade and the whole business needs to be approached in a systematic manner. The core purpose of the retail, as per our understanding, is customer satisfaction which is being ignored in unorganized retail sector. In tier I cities of India modern trade (National Retailers & Regional Retailers) has upgraded their format of operation but there also the store lacks the basic focus point of customer centric approach.
          Major retailers in tier II & III cities are highly unorganized and operate in scattered way. There scale operation is very small compared to NR & RR and lack professionalism. Thus there cost of operation is high vis a vis there business strata. But these retailers have a head on compared to the big player is the personalized approach to the customer. The mission SMART INDIA is to create such Customer Centric Stores where our each activity should be for customer satisfaction and in organized manner to keep the cost of operation in most efficient manner.